Program Features
Program Structure

UMT’s bachelor degree conversion is designed specifically for diploma and associate degree holders, and is offered through a combination of tutorial with using the latest multi-mode information and communication technology. The program is designed to develop in students a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding, skill and application in the field of communication and business administration. Students will increase their capacity for analytical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. In addition, successful completion of the program satisfies the admission requirements for the MBA and many other graduate programs from Hong Kong and overseas institutions.

For students with 3-year diploma or equivalent, the following 10 courses will be required to obtain UMT’s BBA degree:

Mgt 100 Introduction to Business
Mgt 101 Principles of Management
Mkt 100 Principles of Marketing
Mgt 102 Legal Environment of Business
Econ 125 Economics of Managers
Acct 125 Accounting for Managers
Stat 125 Statistics for Managers
Fin 100 Principles of Finance
Mgt 190 Entrepreneurship
Mgt 195 Business Policy and Strategy

For students with 2-year diploma or equivalent, the following additional 10 courses will be required to obtain UMT’s BBA degree:

STAT100 Basic Statistics
DSC100 Decision Science I
MIS 100 Management Information System
ECO160 International Economics
FIN100 Financial Management
MGT131 Organizational Behavior
MGT150 Project Management
MKT150 Marketing Communications
GEC 110 Technical Writing
ESL 100 English Composition