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UMT promotes and delivers online education globally. The following programs are registered with local education authorities. 

DBA, MBA and BBA programs are registered in Hong Kong and approved by Hong Kong Education Bureau

DBA (registration no.: 261996)
MBA (registration no.: 261825)
BBA (registration no.: 261639)

UMT program registrations: http://www.edb.gov.hk/en/edu-system/postsecondary/non-local-higher-professional-edu/course/registered-course.html 

UMT also promotes and fosters university partnerships with top ranking universities around the world. UMT has worked with the following universities in various education, research and training programs that promote academic exchange and knowledge sharing among academic institutions. Following is a list of academic institutions that UMT has had an agreement within academic exchanges. 


The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), The University of New South Wales.

Web site: www.agsm.edu.au



Peking University, Beijing, China
Website: www.pku.edu.cn 

Beijing Normal University
Website: www.bnu.edu.cn

Beijing University of Technology
Website: www.bjut.edu.cn

Hebei University of Science and Technology
Website: www.hebust.edu.cn

East China University of Science and Technology
Website: www.ecust.edu.cn

Kunming University of Science and Technology
Website: www.kmust.edu.cn

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
Website: www.jxufe.edu.cn

Nanjing University of Science & Technology
Website: www.njust.edu.cn

Wuhan University
Website: www.whu.edu.cn

National Taiwan University
Website: www.ntu.edu.tw



Lille Graduate School of Management
Web site: www.skema-bs.fr/programmes/masteres-specialises/management-des-projets-et-programmes 

United Kingdom 

The University of Warwick
Web site: www.warwick.ac.uk