Program Structure
DBA Requirements
Areas of Concentration
Illustration of a Typical DBA Program

The DBA requires successful completion of 60 semester credits hours past the master's degree. Transfer credits are not granted toward fulfillment of the DBA requirements. Pursuit of the DBA involves two main components:

includes core courses, concentration courses, and supporting courses, totally 45 credit-hours.

concludes the program with a significant scholarly research project, requiring a minimum of 15 credit-hours.

In addition, students must pass a qualifying exam and a comprehensive exam, as well as writing and defending their proposal and dissertation.
Every student who chooses to enter the program must make a commitment to the program to make a significant contribution to the intellectual knowledge base of the University. They may do this by their participation in courses, by their research, by their publications, and by their attendance at seminars, colloquia, and professional meetings.